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Getting positive on your HIV test isn’t one of the good news, but it’s not the worst either! There isn’t a perfect world without disease, captivity or negativity. You contracted the virus, then what? It’s all right. It’s time to go behind the wheel once again and take control of your life. For that, you will need to make some resolutions to live a happy life. Remember that there will be a few things that are not going to be same in your life. So you have to improvise and take life as it comes.

Your love life is not going to be same if your partner decides to move on after you reveal to them about being HIV positive. If so, then, it’s time that you move on too and this time with someone who will give you all the love and support that you deserve. is one way you can get back into the dating game; it’s also a place where you can find and interact with other HIV singles for chats and online friendships. And if you find it tough to get along with an HIV-negative partner, has the solution. You can interact, talk and date people who are alike you.

So what are the benefits of signing up for

The site has over 1.2 million registered members, so it’s not just the HIV-positive singles that you can find there but also users with herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, and hepatitis too.

But there is more actually

1. An Extensive STD Blog – Can’t figure out how to get along with this change in your life? Visit’s extensive STD blog where you can read thousands of treatment and success stories to give a kick to your lack of inspiration. is great to way to ditch the negativity in your mind with the amazing stories of people who didn’t give a dime about their medical condition and lived their life the way they wanted to.

2. Online Chat Room – Get along with other HIV positive singles with a live chat room and find yourself always someone to chat with.

3. Live Dating Advisor – Not feeling confident enough to interact with new people? Are you feeling low because of the people who didn’t live up to your expectations, then don’t worry, PositiveSingles has live dating advisors who will guide you with how to get along with this new change in your life.

4. STD Care Locations – If you want to locate the nearest STD care centers around you, then has a wide database of STD care locations across the U.S.

5. Dating App for Android and iOS – Take your dating game on-the-go with PositiveSingles mobile app for Android and iOS. The app provides a user-friendly interface that’s easy to get along with. is one of the best dating websites for people with HIV and other STDs. Don’t wait for long; sign up today to get back with your dating life!

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